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Who we are

From humble beginnings in 2012, the company was started by father and son from a small general store in Pretoria.

Today the company has evolved into a major importer and distributor in the nut and snack industry in Southern Africa. The company remains privately owned and is run by the Mohamed family where the name The Nut Factory is highly respected and renown in the greater Gauteng region.

The Nut Factory uses modern machinery and best practice for the processing, packaging and flavouring of its products. The company is proud of its strong partnerships with cashew growers in Mozambique and can thereby ensure the highest grade of nuts are sourced and brought directly to the door of our consumers.

The heart and soul of The Nut Factory is cashew nuts. We are a large importer of cashew nuts from within Africa. However, to complement this, our range has extended to include all other types of nuts such as pecans, macadamia, pistachio and peanut as well as seeds.

To provide a wider range of snack items we also stock a large variety of dried fruits, fruit dainties and sweets. At The Nut Factory, we are passionate about making healthy food items widely available and are proud to stock an extensive range of products that will be both beneficial and enjoyed by our valued customers.

Over the years, The Nut factory has been fortunate to deal with many other businesses in the food industry, in particular, bakeries, restaurants and caterers. We aim to supply and service more of these businesses in the future and guarantee a long lasting business relationship that is based on trust and on our commitment to superior customer service.

 Main Members / Directors:

Shakir Mohamed (Executive Director)
Goolam Mohamed (Executive Director)
Haseena Mohamed (Director)

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